Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 things I love

I love going to the 24 hour store down the street from where I live after 11pm and seeing the hot Securitas  guy who sometimes works there. I can't decide if he is more "eye candy" or "man tower"... maybe a bit of both.

I love waking up when the sun is shining and my room looks golden and warm.

I love Sunday mornings when I wake up to church bells. Real, small town church bells.I open my windows to let their sound into my room to find that it is accompanied by birds singing and bees swarming. Sort of makes life sound perfect.

I love wearing a silk nightrobe, it makes me feel feminine.

I love love love my family and the fact that we are also friends. Its wonderful being able to call up my parents or my siblings and just chat, and joke around. Some of my best memories are with my family. I hope it stays that way.

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