Friday, May 25, 2012

Frosty Friday: The Wind!

Yes I know, I have been terribly absent this week and with finals and work I haven't had time to go to the flea market "Kolaportið" to take pictures for the Frosty Friday post I promised. So the Kolaportið post will have to wait. Instead I would like to dedicate today's Frosty Friday to... dudududummm... the wind!
Yes, the wind. It is the one thing I hate the most about living in Iceland.
Due to the wind it rarely if ever rains or snows straight down, umbrellas are useless and trees grow sideways or along the ground. As kids my friends and I used to practice flying during recess. We would pretty much do what these guys are doing, except we would open our jackets and use them as wings, and then jump.
Also, most people unknowingly inhale while saying yes, this is due to the wind.
Check it:
hahah so mad!


Maliana said...

oh the wind, the wind! i have a love hate relationship with the wind. hate, for the obvious reasons, but love for what it means. it means change, freshness, the wild and even flying! hahaha

Unifer said...

haha so true! I concur!! :D

LMT said...

I'm so glad you did a post about how you say yes in Icelandic. I have been wanting to write to you and tell you the best ironic thing ever. Odin, our little 2 year old, says yes like an Icelander. We didn't even teach him this. But, its true, he says... yao. I'm not sure how you spell it but how you said it on the video (which I loved by the way) is exactly how he says it. Its a cute and special thing to us. Maybe he picked it up when he was in the womb and we were there or when he was just one year old and we were there. Who knows, but he says "yao" and we love it!

Katarzyna Bilska said...

I'm here by coincidence :) Great photos - are they yours?

Unifer said...

@LMT: hahah I love little Odin, he is getting so big!! and I am not surprised he says Já like that :D hahah I wish I could come see you guys and hear it for myself! :D if you ever catch it on video be sure to send it to me! hee hee
@Katarzyna: sadly no, the photo in this post is by an Icelandic photographer, her name is Rebekka, I put a link to the page where I found it under the photo. You should check out her work. It's really really good! You might also enjoy this photographer:

She is not only super talented, but she is also my sister!

Anita said...

Haha, sorry for commenting this really old blogpost but it's really interesting. That's almost exactly how we say yes in the north of Sweden also. But it is more of the inhaling and less of the actual word. People from the south thend to not understand us.