Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jealous much?

I don't actually hate people who are beautiful when they cry, they just annoy me. Actually, beautiful people just annoy me. Especially when these beautiful people are men. I guess I have met too many guys who were like that one guy Liz Lemon on 30 Rock dated, the one who was so gorgeous and thought he was so talented, but then it turned out everyone just complimented him on being so good at things because he was so gorgeous... when in fact he pretty much sucked at everything except being gorgeous. 

I was talking to a friend about this the other day and we agreed that usually when we meet an extremely handsome man we just sort of have no interest because our brains instantly tell us they must be dumb, self-absorbed or something worse. No one that good looking could also be a good person who is interesting and talented, especially if he is single! More often that not we are wrong though. There are plenty of good looking worthwhile men out there. Perhaps its a self preservation thing. If I reject him right away then he won't get a change to reject me later, which makes me feel in control and not so freaking fat and ugly. 

There is this guy who is extremely good looking. I have sort of been ignoring it for a while now how good looking he is. Then all of a sudden I was like "wow! why are you so good looking!!" and the very next thing that went through my mind was "I AM SO NOT GONNA LIKE YOU" and every once in a while I wonder if he automatically thinks I like him because he is so gorgeous and used to all the girls and gay guys liking him. I realize that going on and on about this makes it seem like I like him, but I don't (as I am writing this last sentence this comes into my mind: ... dang it!) And dear guy out there reading this, I am so not talking about you! I thought it would be a good idea to make that clear since it seems pretty common in my life that people read my blog, assume things and think that its all about them. It's not. Sorry.

On a more positive note, life is amazing! Moving back to where I lived as a child is definitely brining out the child in me! in a good way (no temper tantrums). I have been painting, sowing, making jewelry,  crocheting, cooking, singing, writing and reading so much since I have been here! its wonderful. I totally recommend visiting the place you grew up in! yay for life!

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