Friday, May 11, 2012

Being almost naked is fashionable?

I don't understand what is going on... who decided it was ok to leave your house without putting propper clothes on, not even just "ok" but fashionable!
At the mall today I saw a girl, not more than 16 years old, and she was wearing shorts that were smaller than some underwear and a top that barely covered her bra. Now I can understand why people would wear so little when they go to the beach or lay out in the sun, but to go to the mall?
And wearing lingerie as clothing to go clubbing, who is in charge here? and why is this ok?

What happened to the classic elegance of the 1920's 40's and 50's?

I might be wrong though. Those eras probably had their nudie moments and floosies all over the place too. But in my mind there was a lot more of the following...




As opposed to this...

What happened to being virtuous and modest? This is just too gross! ... agree? disagree? feel free to comment!


LMT said...

covered and classy, that's how I like it! There is just so much more elegance to lovely confident figures draped in well shaped and generous fabrics. Clothes, that is the way to look your best. Leave the skin for the beach and even then, be decent.

I love these pictures of those old fashioned ladies clothed. Women who wear their clothes well are the best! So are you.

SuperKris said...

You know I agree. I was there at the mall with you. The thing I don't get most of all is why would you wear that in ICELAND. It is cold here. Even when it is warm it is cold!

But also, I like modern clothes as a pose to old fashion, but you can dress modern and still cover up. That is my opinion anyways...

Courtney Morningstar said...

I love this post! I agree with you completely. I mean, I consider myself a modest dresser, but I am always fashionable. People can be both, I just wish more would realize it. I loved the pics btw!