Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Magical Garden

My plans change all the time these days. I actually quite like it that way! Remember how I said I was going to change a garage into an apartment. Well thats off. It seemed like an exciting project, but there was something off about it, and this other apartment kept popping up. So, I decided to call the owner and see if it was still available, its an apartment where I share a kitchen and a bathroom with another girl my age. I wasn't sure if I would like that, especially since I don't know the other girl. But, I decided to go check it out anyways. The moment I walked into the room was the moment I fell in love for the second time in my life!
Now let me tell you a little story.
When I was little I lived in a wonderful big white house in a town built in a lava field. The house was close to the ocean and had a wonderful big backyard. There were four apartments in the house, and my family shared a hallway with an elderly man who lived in the attic. What a beautiful place! Our backyard was on a lower level our neighbors backyard. But over the tall wall with Asian looking tiles on top we could see flowers and trees with blossoms on them. I had never seen trees like that anywhere else in Iceland in my whole life (which had been pretty short at that time). We sometimes climbed on top of our bike shed to peek over the wall, but that was always risky and dangerous because the neighbors had a dog that sounded as mad a dragon! I was sure if it caught us peeking over the wall it would eat us alive!! Therefore I can only remember having gotten a peek at the beautiful garden two or three times when I was a kid, and it was magical!
We moved to a new house when I was a little bit older and years passed. Then one day when I was all grown up my friend told me she was going to rent a room in the house next to the one I grew up in. I hoped and wished it was the house with the magical backyard, and my hopes and dreams came true. Finally, I got to walk around in that garden, and it was just as magical as it had been in my memory, and whats more, the apartment was magical too. It was so full of stories and had such character! At least the parts I had seen. There was some stranger renting the other room, and I remember having been so curious about it! what did it look like? was it tiny? was it like the dungeon in a beautiful castle, thats sort of how I pictured it... every castle has a dungeon. So one day, when I was over at my friends house and the man in the other room had left his door slightly open on accident I tried to peek in... but couldn't see anything, so I had just keep imagining a dungeon.
Then I saw the add in the paper: room for rent in the town that was built in a lava field. So I called, hoping it was the house with the magical garden. And once again my hopes and my dreams came true! but alas! it was the dungeon that was up for rent, not my friends old wonderful and spacious room!
I didn't want to live in a dungeon! But decided to give it a change. If worst came to worst I would at least be able to finally see the room I had always been so curious about.
When I got there the owner greeted me and lead me into the apartment where old memories still filled the air.
As soon as I walked into the dungeon I realized I had been terribly wrong! This room looked like it had been made from my boards on Pinterest. And thats when I fell in love.
If all works out as planned I will be moving in next weekend and will post pictures soon.


MiriamR said...

Love this!!! Can't wait to see your place :)

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