Friday, May 18, 2012

Julian Smith brings families closer

Today was supposed to be all study and no play. It didn't really work out that way. My new place is like a summer cabin. You've all seen the pictures. Can you imagine waking up in a room like mine on a sunny day, everything looks yellow and warm in the morning sunshine and the flowers are just about to bloom in the early Icelandic summer. You hear the tick of the antique looking clock and your flat mate playing the polka on her clarinet in the next room. Then your siblings come over with their wonderful kids and you all talk some, sing some Julian Smith songs and laugh some together. How am I supposed to feel motivated to study hard core when I live a perfectly calm and dreamy life? 
I would have gone to the library to try to get some work done, but today was a holiday in Iceland so everything was closed, except for the 24hour grocery store down the street. So I went there, not to study though, but to get some chocolate. It didn't help with the studying.

I did however manage to get a perfectly wonderful picture of my niece reading a book in my favorite nook. Lovely!


bride-in-dream said...

you are lovely :)

LMT said...

she is growing up so much! and yes, a lovely reading nook!

Unifer said...

thank you dearies :D