Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prize winner and Frosty Fridays

Last time I posted I promised whoever could find and name all the instruments in one of the photos in the post a prize. I am surprised only one person accepted the challenge, especially since a few people commented on the post. 
My good friend Maliana was not only able to find all the instruments and name each one, but she also outdid me by adding the wind chime to the list. Well done. I believe I owe you a prize. And your prize is: A children's book in Icelandic. How lucky are you! You can send your address to and I will write it on that envelope you see in one of the photos in the collage and mail it to you directly. I am also going to give you a bonus for the wind chime and throw in a cool looking post card (and I will only write on it if you want me to). 

Frosty Fridays

I also wanted to give you guys a look see into the future. As you all know, or should know, I am Icelandic, born and raised, and I would love to share a bit more of all things Iceland on my blog. So from now on I will be celebrating Iceland and all its magic with Frosty Fridays. Every Friday (or just about) I want to blog about something Icelandic, or in Iceland that I and/or others love. 
Here is a little peek at the first Frosty Friday coming up this week:

Can you guess what I will be blogging about this week?

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