Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Magical Room

So remember how I moved to the place with the magical garden? Well, my room is pretty magical too. There are still a few things I want to do, and I will probably write a couple of DIY posts in the near future to share some of my tiny home/room makeovers. But for now I just want to share all the magic with you wonderful people.
Since I took this picture yesterday I have put up another picture of the temple over my bed. I also want to change the light a bit. I have an idea of what exactly I want to do. More on that later.
 A few of my favorite things. I love that plant, my goal now is to help it stay healthy enough to bloom. Poor thing didn't get very much light in my basement room and sort of got neglected a bit during finals so it was in pretty bad shape, but I am trying to nurse it back to health. The keyboard is also very dear to me, I don't play well, but I sing lots while playing the chords I know the best I can. The pictures are both favorites. The one with Christ on it, with the two children was an unexpected gift from a friend just when I needed it and has a very personal story behind it. The other one I got at the flea market and is so beautiful. I absolutely love it. The fish mobile used to be my youngest brothers. One year when my and my brothers were younger we all got mobiles for our birthdays. Mine were African animals and one of my brothers got birds wile the other got fish. They all fit out personalities. My brothers outgrew theirs, but I guess I never outgrew them. I still love mobiles and the fish one fit best out of the ones I have in that corner.
 This is my window seat, the one I have been wishing for in my mind since I was little. I hope I will have one for always in the future. I love window seats! Also, how many instruments can you see in this photo? The first one to find and name all of them will receive a surprise present from me! post your answers in the comments. 
 I love mirrors and the old style suitcase is a favorite of mine. When I was getting settled into my new room my sister came over for a visit and reminded me that it used to hold our barbies when we were little. Thats one more excellent reason for it being my favorite.
 This book shelf was inspired by photos on Pinterest and built for me by my teenage nephew. He is brilliant! I told him about my fascination with pallets and pallet furniture. He then told me that they have a few pallets in their backyard and that he would build me a book shelf. He is by far the coolest 16 year old I know! Shout out to Danni!!
I one of the photos above there is a black door. The door has these Asian figures cut out from different color paper in the glass part int he middle. This door is one of the many reasons I fell for this room! 

This is just some of the stuff I love about my room. 
I could write a post about the backyard, dining room and the bathroom as well.. they are very interesting. The kitchen... not so much. Its pretty much just a walk in closet big enough to turn around in with a sink and a small stove/oven. Ohh well. The rest of the apartment more than makes up for its lack of a luxurious kitchen.


Mariah Overlock said...

WOW! I just love, love, love this! It's remarkable the kind of affect your surroundings can have on your mood and attitude about everything. I hope this place makes you so happy that you're happy all the time. :)

MiriamR said...

It looks so good! Your design its so wonderful! I love the wood paneling and the window seat and the bookshelf! It reminds me of a cottage! Beautiful!

Nancy said...

Yah, it really is kind of magical. I love how you have decorated with a hodgepodge of things that you enjoy, things that have sentimental value to you as well as flea market finds and things you just like. Very cool and it makes me want to make my surroundings more something that radiates me.

Maliana said...

your room is fantastic! i never knew that such a wonderful thing could exist just across the way :p

i will play your music game! i see a keyboard, ukulele, a guitar in the reflection, some sort of dulcimer on the shelf? and a wind chime :) i love instruments! i decided i will collect them when i have a more permanent home. they are so beautiful and i love music!

woohoo! great job!

Unifer said...

Thank you guys :D I believe Maliana is the music game winner!! woohoo!!

Unifer said...
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LMT said...

I was going to say 4 instruments but I see would have been wrong.... Your room is awesome. I love it and the window seat, the forest feel - all that wood and in Iceland! ;-) That is a rad bookshelf. Go Danni. I'm so happy for you and your new space! I'm totally inspired!

Anonymous said...

I do like your room, it's peaceful and I can 'feel' the magic about it... happy, special, calm..... Granny Gee/Gloria