Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 things women do that drive men crazy

I read this thing today, about things girls do that drive guys crazy, and not in a good way. Turns out I do like 7 out of 10 thing 100% of the time. Not really. But some of the things on the list were just ridiculous!! 
So this is where I stand:

1. Wearing designer clothes: I'd rather not.
2. Eating a salad: I love salad, in fact I am eating a salad right now. 
3. Pretending to know everything there is to know about sports: I don't. 
4. Fake laughing, at everything he says: What can I say, I am a happy, easily amused individual... and sometimes my real laughter sounds fake. 
5. Always bragging about how great of an employee you are: hahaha me? a great employee? naaa... I just do my job.
6. dressing slutty to get attention: Hell yeah, mini skirts, high heels and fish net stockings all the way!! 
7. Telling him EVERYTHING about you on the first date: Everything about me wouldn't fit into that short of a time. So I'm not even gonna try! 
8. Bragging about your education: He doesn't care about my level of education? fine, I don't really care either.
9. Always wearing lots of makeup: trust me, you don't wanna see whats underneath all that!! 
10. Making things too easy for him (Men are hunters): guilty.

Moving on to other, more pleasant things.
After tanning I stopped at Gló, the local health food restaurant (wow, I sound like such a fake person: tanning & eating salad, I sort of want to slap myself right now). Gló wasn't really busy at all. There was only me, two little boys sitting by a table, and then ordering his food, right in front of me, there was this guy:


Logi Geirsson, who plays on the Iceland national handball team, was ordering his dinner right in front of my very nose!! When he sat down with his plate he asked the little guys, who had been staring at him adoringly the whole time, where they were from. Turns out all three of us lived in the same street. 
Yes, I was eavesdropping. 

Heres what today looked like through my lens:

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