Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life is Perfection

I have one of my favorite girly movies on. Which is perfect at the end of a pretty perfect day. Actually, the past few days have been sort of perfect. Not perfect in the way that most people would think of perfection. Its just life, life is beautiful and exciting. To me imperfection is perfection. My life is so full of flaws, and dents and rusty spots. But it is also full of wonderful people, beautiful nature, good movies, the best job in the world, blessings, trials and love. Most of all love. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my job, I love my God, I love my country, I love love. It's a wonderful feeling.
My back hurts though.
I wouldn't say no to a back massage right now. 
... actually, I don't think I would ever say no to a back massage... or a hand massage, or a foot massage.

I was thinking, and I think you never really lose. sometimes people live their lives always worrying about all the things they are missing out on and how they don't get what they want. 
I personally think that if you don't get something, theres a reason. And the reason is always positive. There are always blessings to be had and they are just waiting for you to recognize them.

Can I just add to my love list?
I love tickle fights, I love water fights, I love laughing, I love playing the guitar and singing, I love doing the dishes and singing, I love doing the laundry and singing, I love driving and singing, I love when someone else is driving, I love songs that touch my soul, I love words that make me melt, I love being me, I love life! So much! 

This was today:

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