Monday, August 13, 2012

Last night was... full of spiders and chocolate!

Todays conversations have been a little bit like this:

Unnur: how come my youtube playlist doesn't automatically play the next song on the list?
Shira: It's one of those first world problems
Unnur: first world problems?!?
Shira: yeah, you know, there are third world problems and then first world problems.
Unnur: hah... I feel a blog post coming on!

Don't you love it when you invite two or three friends over for chocolate chip cookies and end up having everyone over and they stay till well past midnight... I do! 
So last night we had a bunch of awesome people over, and it was all good until someone opened the window and decided to watch this video about the ridiculousness of the name and bug that is daddy long legs. I think they heard someone calling their name and all of a sudden our living room was literally crawling with spiders! I just about died! I don't usually get scared if a bug is close, except if its a centipede, those things were made by the devil, I am sure! But anyways, I was fine when I noticed the first one. But then they just kept appearing... and multiplying!! The guys killed all of them but then this morning we found a couple more daddy long legs dudes. One was all dried up...  Did they come here to die? Personally I think this place is a good place to... lets not go there. I am too young to be thinking about good places to die! 

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