Monday, August 13, 2012

What happens after midnight

Sometimes I've got to stop and say to myself: that was 5 years ago, get over it! go home!! 
ugh... my stupid life!
I am fully aware that you don't have a clue what I am talking about. But trust me, its better that way!
It might also be because its freaking 2:42am... I should really start going to bed at a more reasonable hour. Maybe then I wouldn't be worrying about crap thats not worth worrying about. 

Dear Unnur 

When the hell are you gonna realize you are totally worth it. Now stop complaining, and eating chocolate, lose a couple of kilos and get on with your life you weirdo!

With endless love,
Your inner self


Tara Anderton said...

Hi just read your blog and had to write and say your not alone! I too stay up way past my bedtime thinking about things that dont really even matter. Creating possible scenerios in my head..... when i should just go to bed.
I could say I will go to bed early tonight but we both know thats not going to happen....
From Tara

Unifer said...

hahah I actually laughed out loud! It was like reading a comment written by myself! Its so good to know I am not alone!
Thanks Tara!

Kristjana Lara said...

ha i freakin love you!!