Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear sunburnt rear...

This is sleepless night number 2 now. Last night there was no explanation, I was just really tired so I went to bed way early and then just... woke up! and my head is going "SHUT UP BODY, YOU ARE NOT DONE SLEEPING YET!!" 
Tonights insomnia is totally my own fault though. 
I got my bum sunburnt.
Its itchy and annoying.
Beauty is pain... If you want a nicely tanned ass you must sometimes have sleepless sunburnt nights. Please excuse the language.

I'm gonna go close my eyes now. At least that way there is a bigger chance that I might actually fall asleep than if I am here offending everyone and their moms with my yelling and foul language!
This weeks goal: stop swearing in public.
Next weeks goal: stop swearing in my head.
Baby steps.

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