Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I was born a ...

I had the most hilarious night last night. We had YSA FHE and the missionary couple cooked us dinner. It was so lovely! But only 4 of us came out, plus the couple, plus a couple of elders. But what an awesome combination of people. I am just glad I got to be there.
After dinner Sister P. brought out the most amazing chocolate chip oatmeal bars, and since I don't believe in dieting I totally ate like 15 pieces, kid you not! and somewhere half way through my 15 pieces I said something about how much I loved them and how I couldn't stop eating them, to which Sister P. replied: "They must be healthy, they have brown sugar!!"
... nutritional standards are different for different people apparently.

Later on in our conversation as a group we were discussing how much fun we were having. The elders, my brother and the missionary couple were joking around, I was laughing my head off, and my friend D was just quietly eating refreshments. He had not laughed or participated in the conversation for like 20 minutes.
At one point and as a reply to something someone else said my brother says: "I was born a comedian"
Immediately after saying that my friend D decides to join the conversation by saying: "I was born a retard"
... then he just kept eating... didn't laugh, didn't acknowledge other people laughing, didn't even crack a smile. I just about died!!

So all in all, good times.
I give it an A+

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