Saturday, August 11, 2012

You better be ready for TMI time!

When I don't have makeup on and haven't slept for hours I look funny. I feel funny when I don't have makeup on and haven't slept for hours. Some have said I look like I am 12 years old when I don't have makeup on... I am not sure I like looking like a 12 year old, especially since I am more than 10 years older than that. I know I don't act my age, but all this not looking my age is all sorts of confusing. I look 12, I act 18, I am 27. 

I am thinking about starting a TMI column. Sometimes I feel like blogging about things I am not sure most people would appreciate reading about. I think things in my head, get the urge to blog about them, and then common sense takes over and says: Dear Unnur, you are 27 years old and people you know personally read your blog. Please behave and don't make more of an ass of me than you already do on a regular basis. Thank you kindly,
Your common sense

Sometimes I feel like shoving common sense out the window on the 6th floor. 

Also, last night we went to Karaoke Sports Bar. I haven't ever done karaoke at a karaoke place before. It was so much fun! I highly recommend going with a large group of friends who all hold high standards. 
At around 2am when the regulars were starting to leave, the place was looking a bit empty and my camera was starting to catch ghosts on film I decided it was time to go home.


Kańćenka said...

I absolutely love your blog!! it seems so optimistic, it really makes my day :))

Unifer said...

thank you Kacenka! :D I am glad you like it :)