Saturday, September 8, 2012

My face is like naan bread

So every morning this week I have woken up in Wales. It's mostly been sunshine, laughs, metalcore, kisses and awesomeness. Coming from a highly americanized country I was worried that I would not understand a word anyone said to me. So far I haven't had a huge problem with the different accents even though the words ear, year and here all sound the same.
Also, kissing is fun!

Sometimes words make you laugh, and sometimes they make you melt. I like the combination of the two. It goes something like this:

"your face is like naan bread"
"your hair, your eyes and your smile are like a group set" (I needed an explanation)

I know that might not make much sense to you dear reader. I am not going to do anything about that though... because I like it that way.

If you ever find yourself in Wales with a handsome man tower you might wanna try the following (unless you are a man yourself and not very gay):

-Kissing while riding a bike (yeah, while actually moving on two separate bikes, its dangerous, but thats like half the fun!)
-Kissing while standing on top of a bridge over the motorway (yeah, people honk... I wonder why... tee hee :D )
-Try to go a whole day without kissing (impossible)

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