Sunday, October 14, 2012


Party favors: $50
Sending out invitations: $100
Waking up on a sunday morning and realizing that all your dreams are coming true: Priceless

I am so in love. It hasn't been long but I can already see how its grown. It makes me think that all my favorite country songs are true. Take this one for example. I can't wait to be old with my man, sitting on a park bench with our canes and looking back on our lives thinking "and I thought I loved you then". 

.... I found my dream boy! what a freakin miracle! 

He makes me laugh when I am crying
He tells me he loves me in a million different ways
He even loves my crazy side, the one that comes out when I feel insecure or am PMSing 
He sings me the love songs I used to dream about having sung to me.... without me asking for it
He is my kind of weird
He loves my philtrum and I love his eyebrows
I can tell him anything and feel totally safe
I can be sure that whenever I call him he is happy to hear my voice
I can be myself completely and he loves me
I want to pack his lunch and cook him dinner
I want to have his babies
I want to make him chicken noodle soup when he is feeling poorly and then watch Mighty Boosh on our lap top in bed
I want all the happiness in the world for him and I will do all I can do to make sure he has a happy life
I love it when he writes me letters
I love it when he looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world.... when I've had close to no sleep and am not wearing makeup
I love it when the internet stays on for hours
I love his scruff and so does my dried up & sandpapered chin
I love that he makes an effort to let me know how he feels about me
I love his last name so much I want to steal it and wear it instead of mine for eternity! 

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AshLee said...

Awe. This is so sweet:)