Sunday, December 16, 2012

My husband is the best man in the world!

What makes me say that my husband is the best man in the world? well... just the fact that he is. Here are some things he does that remind me its true:

- When I am really tired and cold he lets me nap while he cooks us dinner.... really really good dinner!
- He is really good at baking cake too
- When he needs to go to the toilet he decides to announce it in a song... guitar and all!! it's amazing!!
- He makes me laugh multiple times a day
- We have the best conversations about absolutely nothing at all
- When I am being a girl (being a girl = totally unreasonable and nonsensical) he just hugs me
- When I write stupid blog posts and he reads them (which is like every time I write a blog post) he just laughs
- When I am worrying too much (which happens like all the time) he just says "I wouldn't worry about it" and then I don't worry about it anymore
- He knows how crazy I am and still loves me, which is amazing and wonderful!

I love my husband!!


Anonymous said...

Like this post. My husband is the greatest too ...I can put a lot of the same things on my list too :)

Autumn said...

It is good to have wonderful husbands!

I'm glad I can comment again. It was sending all of the comments back previously.

Unifer said...

wonderful husbands are the best aren't they :D Thank you for your comments Nicole and Autumn :)