Saturday, December 8, 2012

The First Argument

This morning my husband and I had our first serious disagreement. It was terrible. It was about zombies.We were stood there in the kitchen with our bowls of cereal and I decided to voice my opinion on the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. I quickly realized J and I have very strong, opposite opinions on the subject.
I think a zombie apocalypse is a real possibility! he doesn't... whats up with that?!?
It's a good thing we are grown-ups and can agree to disagree.


Minnie said...

haha I know that kind of argument...luckily we live in europe and in all the movies the zombies just stay in america so we agreed on staying here :D

xoxo Minnie

Unifer said...

yay for being in Europe! :D thanks for your comment Minnie!! I love seeing comments on my blog posts :D