Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Being Married

So yeah, I know I haven't really been here for the past few weeks. I have been sort of busy preparing a wedding, getting married, honeymooning, being a wife, moving into our new flat, learning how to speak proper English, looking for work and so on and so forth. 
Today, however, I am having a sick day (not in the UK meaning of the word "sick"... I don't get "sick"). Which basically means that my husband went to school at 9am and I am still in bed while the dishes don't get washed, the Christmas decorations don't get put up, the floors don't get hoovered (American translation: vacuum in past tense) and all the chocolate gets eaten (if you don't know what kind of "illness" causes this sort of behavior I'd recommend reading up on the menstrual cycle. It's fascinating and magical.... #sarcasm).
Moving on to more pleasant things.

On Being Married
why do we get married? 

BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!! and I am not just talking about the obvious awesome part of being married being awesome. The whole deal is awesome!
Here are a few of the things I love about being married:
Getting to fall asleep next to someone who loves me while he is playing sudoku on my phone.
Waking up every morning to a hug and a kiss
Cooking for two (and he likes my cooking, which is a bonus)
Being understood in my most disturbingly weird moments
All the dancing while getting dressed (its like a funny strip tease in reverse performed by the love of my life)

Now, being newly married and broke as a millionaire during the depression we have decided this Christmas all presents will be home made... and there will be like 5 presents tops... maybe more... I don't know... we'll see.

Ok, I am off to find a job (and by "I am off" I mean I am opening another tab on my internet browser).


Nancy said...

So happy you are so happy and not miserably disillusioned like my poor nephew. Oops. I shouldn't say that, but you don't know him. And, he is, miserably disillusioned. But, it does make me realize some people don't find marriage to be happy and wonderful. In fact the more marrieds I talk to, the more often I find that to be the case which always has me feeling like ending up perfectly happy and content in marriage was pure dumb luck!! And always has me kind of waiting and hoping for the same happy luck to magically actually happen for others I love. So happy it is happening for you.

And that last line of your post. So funny and so true.

Nancy said...

WAIT!! You are married!! I was supposed to get a lovely little invitation all the way from Iceland!! Or maybe . . . Wales? Well, alright, I missed the coolness of having people say, "Who is that" as you hung on my fridge and having me say, "Oh, just a girl I know from ICELAND", BUT, at least can't there be just one little picture of you and your husband all happy and married on your wedding day on here for us to see?

Unifer said...

Nancy, you are my favorite person I know but have never met!! seriously!! and if you want me to send you an invite anyways I can do that! and I will be sure to put up some wedding photos asap!! thanks for you comments! I love them!!

Nancy said...

Oh I will survive with out the invite, just put up some wedding pics for crying out loud! Or, even just like . . . one??

Unifer said...

I have just received news that the wedding photos are on their way! :D blog post to follow!