Friday, November 16, 2012

I am so married!

Funny how time flies when you're having fun. It's been almost a week now. Before I know it it will have been years. But you know what, thats okay, because we have an eternity together. 
Saturday the 10th of November was amazing. 
Every day since Saturday the 10th of November has been amazing too.
I sort of wish this honeymoon could last for forever, but thats just the lazy, ohh so in love me speaking. 
In reality it would probably make life pretty pointless to be on endless honeymoon. 
So, the more productive and still ohh so in love part of me is excited to start life again, a new life, with my wonderful husband, who just spent the day making me feel so loved. 
It's sort of like I am living in my own little fairy tale. 
There's music playing all the time, like a soundtrack for my life (thanks to my forever humming husband), there are castles around every corner, and dragons (yeah, just check the Welsh flag, sporting a red dragon) and there is love, lots and lots and lots of love.... and sex... just kidding... but not really.....
The End


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so very delighted on your behalf. :). I hope that your marriage is one that will evermore be filled with love and laughter and that even in difficulty you will rise above. I hope that you have a even more prosperous life from here on out :)

123 said...
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Unifer said...

Thank you The Pensive :D There has been plenty of love and laughter so far and I also hope it will last for forever :D yay!