Monday, February 11, 2013

Bunday Monday: Bun Wand Tutorial

Since I can remember I have looked forward to our annual Monday Bunday (or "Bolludagur" as Icelanders call it) because of all the yummy, creamy, chocolatey, custardy goodness. My mum would spend either Saturday or Sunday afternoon baking the buns and preparing the custard, cream and chocolate. My mouth is watering as I type. You can go here for more information on how to make Bollur/Buns/Creme puffs for Monday Bunday
As exciting as the yummy buns were I was no less excited about using my Bunday Wand to whack my parents bum with. Not that I wanted to hurt my darling parents. The point with the wand is not to hurt, but to get as many whacks in as you can before they wake up and start tickling you. The number of whacks you give equals the number of buns you get to eat that day. It's not enough to just have a stick either. You have to have a fancy wand, preferably one that makes a fun sound when used to whack bums with. Also, it is detrimental that you shout out "Bun" with every whack you give. Otherwise it doesn't count.
Here's how you make a wand.
 1. What you'll need:
A branch or a wooden stick about 10 inches long, scissors, paper with decorations/color on both sides, glue (glue gun if you have one), some string if you have no patience, like me.
 2. Cut the paper into the shape seen in the photo above. Longer side should be around 4 or 5 inches. Cut the cutesy little straw type strips as long or short as you want. I liked them going from 2 inches to about an inch and a half.
I made five separate cutouts to wrap around the wood.
 3. Start by putting a bit of glue on the wood. Then start wrapping the paper tightly around the wood, butting a dab of glue on every so often. I used string to hold the whole roll on while the glue dried. Just make sure to be careful when removing the string whenever you decide to do so. I took it off just before putting the next layer of paper on.
 4. Put the next piece of paper cutout just below the previous one so that the paper covers about 1/3 of the stick when all five (or more) paper cutouts have been glued to it.
 5. When all the paper cutouts have been glued on feel free to put a bow or tie a string around the botton of the paper. Then proceed to fluff up the paper strips bending them whichever way pleases you  and rolling a few of them around a pencil to make them curly.
I rolled a couple of little paper strips around the bottom of the stick just because I thought it'd by cute.

Once you've finished putting your wand together it is ready to be placed in the hands of an eager child. Just be sure to explain the game carefully and explain that violence is not cool.

Following are some photos of my new best friend trying the magic wand out. She informed me that the wand could also double as a cinderella broom. Such a cutie.

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