Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Explosion Day

So every year on the Tuesday after Bunday Monday Icelanders like to eat until they explode. That is why they call it "Explode day"... literally! The soup is delicious. It's made from salted lamb meat and beans and may or may not also include carrots, potatoes and other wonderful things mother nature has given us and sayd: "here, this is real food. Not like the fast food junk you like to kill yourselves with in a slow and painful manner". I wish I had more to say about this fine soup but at this point I have been traveling for two days straight and am dead tired. My husband just finished playing chess with the pope (if you want to know what I mean, ask an Icelander about that saying) so I think I will go kiss him goodnight and then sleep for at least 9 hours.
If you want to know more about salted meat and bean soup check out this website: www.soupsong.com

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