Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello Goodbye

Sorry about the lack of blog action for the past two weeks. My husband and I decided, very suddenly, to move back to Iceland... well "back" for me, but it's going to be his first time in Iceland. What a champion, moving to a country he has never been to before, where English is not the main language. 

Anyways, so we thought about the decision for about a day or two, then we made the decision and within a week we had packed some of our things, sold some of our things and donated the rest to charity. Pretty amazing don't you think. I am not referring to the "donating to charity" part being amazing, everyone should donate to charity anyways. What I mean is, it's pretty amazing that we were able to decide to move countries and move out of our flat in one week. 

I am excited to show my husband my little windy island in all its glory. I am also excited to start blogging about my little island again. I will still miss Wales a whole heap and a half! It's a wonderful place.

Here is a little something to say goodbye and thank you to Wales

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Autumn said...

I love reading about your adventures. I can't imagine what a huge transition it must be for the move. I love your new "about me" page too.

When are you going to post wedding pictures and the rest of your meeting story? !!

Nancy said...

If your life were a series I was watching . . . you know, like, say, Downton Abbey, I think I would find myself saying, "Wait!? What? Going back? Not yet. I mean, I loved the Iceland bit, but they only did like two episodes of Wales." But, you are not a series, and just because my mother always made us watch A Child's Chritmas in Wales, is not a good enough reason for someone I know (know of??) to stay there. Rather, you are real life, and oh my, embrace this stage of freedom that can see you shifting and changing and moving about without yet the tie downs of career or children weeping over best friends they can not leave, or, simply, years of accumulated stuff making moving such a tremendous ordeal. I know. You are already embracing it. I just wanted you to a little extra for me because my husband and I often find ourselves in bed late at night discussing some adventure . . . that, inevitably, with morning light, lays itself out clearly as rather impossible with our current obligations. Fun to be a bit more like a free little wisp of wind blowing whereever fancy might take yoU! Loves! -- Nancy

Unifer said...

Aww Autumn and Nancy, thank you guys for your comments :D J and I are totally excited to be moving to Iceland even though we both wished we could have stayed longer in Wales. More than two episodes of Wales would have been nice, but apparently not meant to be.
As for the wedding photos and how we met story, Autumn, I just pitched an idea for a post on that to my husband and he has agreed to help me write a two sided how we met, so exciting!!! I am excited about it anyways :D So sometime in the near future I promise wedding photos and a how we met post.