Friday, February 8, 2013

This Just In

 So I have been ill for the past few days. Because of this I have had no drive to blog or even shower. TMI perhaps, ohh well. Anyways, earlier this week I was blessed with the opportunity to visit a railway station turned book shop (Railway station = another word for train station... for those of you who didn't know... yes, I assume some of my readers are just plain dumb). It was amazing. I spent about two hours just browsing and taking photos and cannot wait to share all the joy with you wonderful human beings. But for now I need to sleep.
Just to get you a bit excited and curious I have added the black and white photo of the original railway station and a "keep calm and carry on" poster. I'll let you sit and wonder how the two are connected until my next post. Ooooo so exciting! 
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