Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Basket Full of Love

I am a Pinterest & Etsy addict and with Valentines day coming up soon both pages seem to be overloaded with Valentines decorations, DIY's and gift ideas. It got me thinking. Now that I've got someone to give a valentines gift to (finally!) what am I going to do? I thought to myself: I love baskets, I love making & baking things and I love my husband. The possibilities are endless! 
If you have a basket of some sort all you need is to pick something to put in it (by the way, might wanna check out this DIY basket thing on 
Here are some of the ideas I got while browsing the interwebs.
I have a real life friend who is also a real life blogger. Funny story actually. I found her blog online one day and fell in love with it. A few days later I found out through facebook that she recently married one of my friends. Later on my friend and his lovely and artistic blogger wife came to visit Iceland and I finally got to meet the person behind the blog of my dreams.
On her blog she has done multiple heart attacks. See them here. And here.
The Valentines heart attack basket idea is pretty basic. Fill the basket with cut out paper hearts and leave it for your love to find. 
My parents always told me: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Thankfully my husband likes my cooking and heaven knows he loves eating. In fact we both love eating, perhaps a bit too much, seeing as we have gained a bit of blubber since we got married. Our future plans include dropping that weight. But on Valentines day it is totally acceptable to eat good food with the one you love. So pack some yummy food and have lunch in a toasty warm place somewhere, perhaps outside in the sun (if you are lucky enough to live in that sort of place) or inside by the fire or even in bed. 
This one might take a bit of time and preparation. But for someone who loves your loving words this is a sure way to make them feel super special and loved. I am the kind of person who very much appreciates being told by my husband that he loves me. If he writes it on a piece of paper that just means I can carry those loving words with me, keep them in my journal and read them again later on. 
Start a few months before Valentines (even a year before if you feel like it) and write your husband little love notes and letters. Tell him little things you appreciate about him. Then keep the letters and when it's Valentines put them all in a basket and give them to him. You might want to read them together. That way you can be reminded of how wonderful you think your husband is while he reads your messages.
Who doesn't love treats and tasty things. You can so easily fill a basket with sugary sweets, either home made or store bought. Just remember to brush your teeth.
This one is possibly one of my favorite basket ideas. First of all it means you get to go shopping for something new to wear, even if no one but your husband will ever get to see that something. It's always fun to go shopping, its also always fun dressing up, it's also always fun feeling extra sexy, it's also something your husband is sure to appreciate. All in all, a good Valentines basket idea if I do say so myself!

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