Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Third Time´s a Charm

This morning we finally put all the papers in for my wonderful husband to be able to stay legally in Iceland for however long God will have us stay here. Ridiculous though, Registers Iceland is only open between 10am and 3:30pm, and we were there ready to turn in papers at 9am. So what did we do? Bakery!! and then a walk by the ocean. 

Now back to that crazy neighbor of ours who is, sadly, no longer our neighbor. 
It all started a few weeks ago when my sister took a job showing and renting out apartments in the building we live in. Most of the flats in the building were empty at the time we moved in. 
Slowly but surely they all got filled with wonderful warm and loving people. But every family has a black sheep. The one in this house just happened to end up in the flat next to ours. 
S knocked on our door and asked if we would keep our door open one day because she was expecting someone to come look at the flat next to ours. The reason she asked for the door to be open was because apparently this guy had called her about 20 times, had already signed a contract for another flat, then backed out, then had his mum call to yell at poor S for a whole lot of no reasons at all. When he showed up I had to get J to confirm that he smelled like I imagine Bob Marley used to smell when he was still alive. S and I don't really know much about drugs, what they smell like or look like or anything. 
He signed a new contract and moved in that same day. 
A few weeks later he was kicked out for breaking his contract and breaking his front door. 

Some of the things we saw/experienced/learned of concerning him were:

-He hid behind random cars in the parking lot... with his pants undone
-He would join into conversations he was not part of
-He had a girlfriend
-His flat had definite signs of drug use (easy to see when front door is smashed in)
-His mum is off her rocker
-He lost his toiletry bag... in which he kept his crazy pills
-He had a habit of getting lost for days

But the one that tops them all

-He just got out of jail

We will miss him so much!

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