Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flower Power

Last weekend we went to a summer cabin with my sisters family. It's so nice having some time away from home. Driving for hours, going for walks, doing puzzles, sitting in the hot tub, eating good food, and making more crepe paper flowers. 
And now I have some beautiful flowers to liven up our living room. 
I am thinking I should probably do a tutorial soon. Show you how I like to make them. So stay tuned.
Earlier this week J and I went to our favorite shop, the Good Shepard, a second hand furniture shop. We found an exercise bike among other things. But our favorite find of the day was a red ceramic lamp. 
It wasn't our favorite while it was red, but after both having worked on it a bit, it has become one of our favorite beautiful items in our home. 
So next time I'll put up some before and after photos. yay.

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