Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hi my name is Uni and I am creatively challenged

I have no idea what I want to say at this moment. Sometimes I feel overly inspired to write or paint or draw or sew or cook. And while I feel inspired I do A LOT whatever creative outlet I favour at the time. But then I run out of juice and end up sitting on the couch eating chocolate for weeks. Usually I run out of juice because I spend too much time checking out other peoples cool creations and then try to make something, but like 90% of the time my attempts to be awesome and creative fail horribly. I think it's time I realize I am totally allowed to make ugly things. Not everything I do needs to be perfect! 
For example I am quite happy with my perfectly imperfect headband. I made it from scraps at work because I was planning on walking home and forgot to bring one of mine.
Anyways, I still love sewing/refashion type blogs and if you are anything like me you might enjoy these:


Nancy said...

I read an awesome and hilarious poem today called "Whacked" that this post reminded me of. The author talked about how he struggles so hard to get a good line out and every time he reads a little Yeats of something he feels like he got whacked in the head because it's so great and he feels not so great. Then he admitted how comforting it was for him to sometimes read some crappy poetry just to make him feel better about his own. It was all pretty cleverly written. Anyway, maybe spend awhile looking up horrible crafts gone wrong, etc. Then you will feel pretty extra awesome again!! (Though, in truth, I am certain you are awesome in your own right and in your own crafty little way -- and you are just experiencing a womany chocolatey lull and misconception about yourself).

Unifer said...

I really should look up crafts gone wrong... be right back... 2 hours later...yeah totally made my day!! All you need is to go on pinterest and type in "nailed it". My life is so much better now. Thanks Nancy :D