Friday, May 30, 2014

Been Busy... Being a Mom

So, I have sort of been busy being a mom lately. Its hard work! 
On March 13th I personally gave birth to this beautiful little boy. Yep, I totally gave birth. And guess what, I am going to do it again! No, I am not pregnant again... as far as I know... but yeah we definitely want more. 
Until about 11pm on the 12th of March I was holding on to the hope that I was just one of those women that doesn't have painful contractions. I had been preparing for a beautiful non medicated, peaceful, scream free, fun, quick birth. It was mostly all of those... but not quite. It was definitely beautiful, there were DEFINITELY no painkillers, it was very peaceful for the most part, it was definitely NOT scream free (two full hours of screaming while pushing, but like a powerful "I can do this" kind of screaming), I actually thought it was fun... especially between 6cm  and until about an hour before I started pushing... after that it was just horrible... just.... hellish pain and suffering to be honest. But some good advice from a friend got me through it. It took 13 hours from the first pains until he decided to come out. And then the fun began. I had spent so much time preparing for the birth and making sure I had everything baby boy needed I totally forgot to think about the recovery after giving birth and adjusting to being a mom. Man was I in for the ride of my life... I mean, it's still ridin' but at least now I sort of know what is going on. 
I am happy. Life is so hard. But I am so happy! 
Parents of many young children, how do you do it? how do you manage having more than one of these little angels of destruction in your home at once? I can barely get anything done now and there's only one of him and I he is so tiny and I am full size... actually a bit more than full size these days... but he tiny and cute and so amazing... and demanding! 
I love my little man. And I love his father. Life is amazing.


Nancy said...

Ohh! So happy! I was thinking you'd already had your little one whenever you lasted posted, but no, he is still new as can be. It takes me a good three months to begin to feel like life is one bit manageable again, so you are doing great if you are beginning to feel that way already!

As for kid #s, I so remember getting together with a couple from our ward when we were first married and had one little boy. They were expecting their third, and I remember thinking, in an almost claustrophobic way, "How will they ever get anything done? How can they possibly live life with three little people???" But, as a mom to six (seven by late July), I've realized a few things. One, numbers don't necessarily equate to hardness. For me, always, it is that an entire new being in your universe (and an utterly helpless one at that) takes major adjusting to. A new baby throws life and routines and normalcy all up into the air, but then, each time, no matter what number baby it is -- one or six -- life comes floating back down and resettles itself into a new normal. And two, some things get so much easier. Admittedly, my life has more as far as dishes to wash, clothes to keep sorted, etc. but dynamics change -- with two kids, you are no longer soul entertainer for one child, with three, two can play together while you are off bathing and nursing baby, etc. I have a lot to balance right now, but I actually feel like life is much less overwhelming for me now than it was when I just had one or two little people under foot. Now my youngest mostly follows his older siblings around, my 10 year old loves to put her younger siblings to bed for me, I assign kids to do dishes and vacuum every night so I'm not sole cleaner. There are definite adjustments with each kid, but don't worry that one being overwhelming means that more will be impossible.

Also, what was your friend's advice that helped you through your labor? I've done several of mine natural and several with the dreamy oblivion of an epidural. I'm thinking I'll go for another natural birth this time. I'd love to hear what worked for you because yes . . . not matter how prepare I have been, the very end stages of labor I really can only describe as utterly terrifying pain! :)

Unifer said...

Nancy, you have no idea how happy I am to read your comment! One of the things I missed most about blogging while I was too pregnant to feel motivated to do anything, and then too new of a mom to have time to do anything, were your comments! I am so glad to hear your experience with more kids. We want to have more... and I want to have more, like right now! but at the same time it scares me :) so it is good to hear that its doable. And congrats on your new one in July! how exciting!

The advice I got was from a friend of mine who is a photographer and has been lucky enough to photograph a few births. She said that all of the women went through absolute horrible pain, but the difference was that some of the women were full of fear, while others were full of power. So whenever I felt a strong contraction coming I thought to myself "pain with power" and tried my best not to get scared but remind myself that this is what my body was created to do. It is fully capable of doing this and the pain only lasts a moment. I also have a picture of Mary holding baby Jesus on my wall and the only time I cried during the delivery was when I thought about how she did this without medication, in a stable. ... Anyways, Baby boy just woke up... im off :D