Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Sales are Fun Sales

Not that the sales that come after the first ones are any less fun... It's just exciting when something you came up with and created gets liked and bought by people. So far I have had two sales, yippeee, after which I decided to open up an Etsy shop since people are probably more willing to trust that I am a real person who will really send the products if I have an Etsy shop rather than a facebook page that is not linked to a website or anything. I imagine I would be more inclined to shop through a site like Etsy anyways.

The first two sales were made to friends who know I am a real person (it's always nice to have a few friends like that). One of them happens to live overseas so I decided to take a couple of photos of the process of getting a package ready to be posted. It was a lot of fun and it was amazing to be able to send messages to my friend with a photo of her scarf as it got ready to fly over the Atlantic ocean.

Step 1
Take a ready to send, fully functioning scarf and fold it.
 Step 2
Wrap said scarf in cute fabric and tie it with a string.
 Step 3
Sew an envelope using an overlock machine and a few sheets of newspaper.
Write the address on the front.
Note to self: Tidy up your living room before taking a photo of it to put on your blog.
 Step 4
Put the scarf in the envelope and finish sewing it shut

Step 5
Take it to the post office and enjoy the look on the post office peoples faces as you hand them a hand sewn newspaper envelope. Note to self: Mom loves it, she is my biggest fan!

Feel free to check out the shop:
UniBalla Etsy shop


LMT said...

so so fun and exciting for me! Keep it up! Love you.

Unifer said...

Thanks :D Hope you get the scarf soon! and I hope I get to see some photos :)