Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Goals are good so make them lofty!

I am at a summer cabin with the family. It's been great so far! loads of relaxing and breathing in the fresh country air while being sat in the hot tub on the porch. Loads of laughs while having wonderful conversations with my family. Loads of spending time alone with my baby boy while he breastfeeds or is going to sleep. That has always been precious to me. It is my time with him, something that no one else gets to do, be his mamma. It is also time for me to drift off in thought while he drifts off to sleep. It is amazing how ideas just come when you spend some time with an empty open mind.

I am looking forward to getting back home and making some new Hybrid Infinity scarves. I want to make some SUPER Icelandic ones, using Icelandic wool and fish leather. It is part of the Icelandic culture to use everything an animal has to offer and to do it with gratitude. The sheep give us meat and wool and children even used to use the bones as toys. Fishing, eating fish and exporting it has been one of the ways Icelanders have staid alive and prospered. A few years ago this wonderful company up north started working the fish skin into leather. Now fish leather has become a very popular "ingredient" in icelandic designs and accessories. Grandma H gave me a couple of strips of fish leather a while ago and I never knew what I should use it for. I had a few ideas but none of them seemed good enough to go through with. I will post some photos of the progress.

In the meanwhile here are my July goals for the Etsy shop.

1) Get my 1st sale
2) Have at least one sale a week 
3) Go find some more exciting materials around town
4) Help someone else reach their goal
5) Post at least one new item a week

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