Sunday, July 6, 2014

Making something out of nothing

I am starting to think that making stuff is more like an addiction than a hobby for me. Yesterday afternoon we got back from the summer cabin family trip. As fun as it was spending a week with my family in a 53 square meter cabin with a hot tub I was very very happy to be home. Not a day later and we have our livingroom turned upside down! 
Baby boy needs a place of his own, and I needed a project... for my husband to do...
So we got permission (we are renting) to make a new bedroom in the flat we live in. How cool is that! What's even better is if we provide the labour the owner will pay for the material. I love my life! 
We just got the skeleton up today... and by we, I mean my husband and my dad. 
While they started making a baby bedroom I shopped for material. I have not had my first official Etsy sale, even though I have had a couple of pre-Etsy scarf sales, but I am still shopping for material, making scarves, having fun! With time and some better photos on my Etsy shop I am sure things will start rolling and I hope to make this a stay at home mom type of part time job. I would LOVE to stay at home with T-man, to take care of him and to do what I love... make things! 
So I talked to my sister, who by the way lives on the other side of the Atlantic, in amazing America (Ohh and Happy Independence day yesterday America!). She is a very talented photographer even though she would not openly admit it herself (she is too modest!). I have had the privilege of working with her on creative projects and photoshoots as well as having her as our photographer at my wedding and she is my absolute favorite person to do creative things with. She and I just get each other creatively. Now that she lives so far away I miss her! but distance will not stop us! I have asked her to help me with taking some photographs and am SO excited to send her a few scarves to capture on "film".  I have also asked one of my favorite photographers and a friend to help me with photos here in Iceland, to capture some photos of the scarves in the Icelandic outdoors. You can find some of her work here.
I look forward to having some photos to post on Etsy as well as on here... although it will probably be another month or two before I get some real photos instead of just the ones I take on my Iphone :P 

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