Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It Etsy Tuesday

So I have been spending some time browsing Etsy... ok, fine, I have been spending a lot of time browsing Etsy. What I have found is that there are so many creative people out there. From now on Tuesdays are Etsy days, dedicated to the creative people who sell their creations on Etsy. 
For my very first Etsy Tuesday I picked Nata B. with her beautiful coin purses and such. I found her while reading through Etsy shop owners goals for the month of July. Like me she has a fairly new shop and I loved all her beautiful fabrics and colors. Her shop is a real treat to browse through.
So, 10/10 points for attractive shop and photos.

I loved her shop so much I decided her purses would be my first ever purchase on Etsy. As soon as I had placed my order she got in contact with me and made sure she had my correct information. The great service didn't stop there. All through the delivery process she updated me on the status of my package, even letting me know when it had arrived in Iceland. I thought it would take ages for the purses to get all the way to Iceland from Colombia but to my surprise it only took a couple of weeks, with a short stop at the customs. I loved the stamps on the package, not that Nata B. had anything to say about what they looked like, but it is not every day that you receive mail from Colombia! When I opened the package the little details and cute packaging made me smile. She even sent a hand written thank you note. Such a nice surprise!
10/10 points for fast delivery, cute packaging and great communication.

When I picked a purse for myself I decided I should probably get two because they are so inexpensive. Thing is I only needed one, so I gave one to my mum. 
Check out her reaction. 

She was happy. So much so in fact that she decided Nata B. purses would be the perfect gift for everyone! They are sold at a very low price, especially considering how well they are made!
Mum and I are planning on checking out the shop next time we need a b-day present or Christmas gift for someone. I suggest you do the same!
10/10 points for item prices and customer satisfaction.

All in all, on the scale of 1 to 10 I give Nata B. Etsy shop and it's owner a solid A+ (you know what I mean).

For some more Nata B. check out Etsy or Facebook.

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