Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just Realized I am Pregnant

I love sleeping in! I miss sleeping in! I wish I could sleep in at least twice a week!! 
This morning my husband let me go back to bed at 8am (Tman, now 11 months old, woke up at 6:30am as per usual) and I slept wonderfully until it was Tman's nap time at 9am. I was so not ready to wake up yet so I broke my own rule and had a nap with mr.T. We slept another hour :) heeeeaaavvveeeen!!! But still didn't stop me from being tired again by noon. 27 weeks pregnant and I think my body just realized I am pregnant!! I am so tired and get nauseous so easily!! I guess I can't complain though because before a week ago I kept forgetting that I was pregnant because I just felt so super normal!! I am still feeling fairly good :) just not not pregnant :) it's on days like today that I am thankful for makeup! Thank heavens I can hide my tired eyes behind my magic mascara :) 
Maybelline vs. Younique

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