Friday, February 20, 2015

Makeup Makes Me Happy!

I finally made my big order! I have been waiting for ages to put in the order, just waiting for my makeup money to come through from Younique. I LOVE MY JOB! 
So I bought myself some foundation. Both Mineral powder and cream foundation. I am SO excited to see how my skin likes them. They definitely have some healthier ingredients than I have had in my makeup before, which I love since the skin takes less than 26 seconds to absorb chemicals in the stuff you put on it. Yikes!

I think I may be most excited about the Mineral Eye Pigments I got myself. Younique has shimmery and matt pigments and I went all out shimmery this time, although this photo below makes me sort of want to add a few colors to my order!
I am SO excited to try them out! I have two testers I have been using so far and am completely in love with them! They are so long lasting and gorgeous! I got them from a friend and even though they are not colours I would have picked personally they are so amazing! I am so thankful for the chance to try something new and love it!!
I have used the Eye Pigments straight out of the container, mineral type style, and I have tried adding both regular water and the Younique Rose water to make them liquid and I must say the Rose Water Eye Pigment mix is my favorite. They dry SO fast, there is no smudging and they last for over 12 hours! 
Some other things you can do with the mineral eye pigments is mix them with your lip gloss to add a bit of color, or add them to vaseline even. You can also use them in your nail polish... but I am so bad at nail stuff I don't think I will ever really try that one.
I have yet to try the Younique lip gloss. I got one in my presenter kit but gave it away as a prize. So I am super excited to pick one of these colors to try for myself. I got a set of 10. One for me, and 9 to give away to others as prizes. Good stuff!! 
This week I also received my brush set. I got it as a prize for selling for over $500 in 10 days. I love all this free makeup!! And I was amazed at how easy it was to reach the $500!
I am also super excited to get the cream foundation so that I can try out my January Kudos; The Younique Blending Buds. I got those from Younique for hosting a qualifying party in January. They are new on the market in March but I have my set with my makeup stash, ready to go! I am so excited for the rest of the new products coming in March and the next few months. I will have to tell you about them later. That's a whole other blog post! 

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