Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holy Hallways!

I dream of a house, one that is not really all that big, but bright, and beautiful and full of beautiful things and has at least one hallway! We don't have that now. We have an open space, a bathroom and two bedrooms, which is enough for now, but man do I like dreams! Especially the ones that come true.
 The vaulted ceiling thing is totally doing it for me. I just love how nature friendly this photo is. The wood floors, the bright white, the plant and the garden at the end of the hall. Ohh please, tell me this is one of the things I can look forward to in our future. Can't you just see my kids running down the hall and playing in the lush backyard with J and I chasing after them... for one reason or another. I love it!
 This just reminds me of a Jane Austen. So romantic and cool. I am loving the floor! and the color on the walls, and the painted furniture, and the ... well all of it... I am totally in love with every little detail in this photo!
The door, the floor, the greenery outside! This picture also just reminds me of my mom. She is beautiful and has such beautiful interior decorating at her house. Interiors that remind me of my mom just make me feel all warm and cozy. That is something I want in my future as well as right now!
 So Scandinavian, just like me!The white painted wood on the floors and the ceilings are so clean looking. Might not be so clean looking when you have young children who drop all of their food on the floor... on purpose. But someday, someday!
I love the idea of this photo. Although looking at it makes me think  cleaning those floors and keeping them curtains clean would be a pain in the butt! Probably a good interior design for people who have someone else clean their house a couple of times a week. I don't think I would feel up to it, especially these days since I seem to be constantly pregnant. But it's cozy looking, a perfect hallway and living space to keep in my dreams and have not come true :) haha

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