Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lambafell Christmas times

Christmas has been so good so far! I am starving right now, which is unusual for Christmas, but its my own fault, I stayed up late last night and slept in til noon and when I finally got up my parents and siblings and rest of the family except for the grandmothers wanted to go out for a walk, so I didnt eat anything and we walked for a bit and now I am starving.
Plan: get a plate of last nights leftovers and eat up, then get a cup of hot chocolate and some candies and watch the muppets Christmas Carol. End of plan, and we will just see what happens after that. Matti is calling us at 5ish..we are eating dinner at 7ish.
Other than that we might:
sit in the hot tub for a bit, eat more food, play games, watch Beauty and the Beast, go to the beach and take pictures, help prep for dinner, take a shower, hang out with people.

Lets start from the Beginning.
Tuesday at 3ish Maliana and I left town, I got to leave work early because there was supposed to be a storm later and we didnt want to drive down in a storm. So we got there in time for Skata, the grossest fish besides shark there is. It also reeks! we had to cook it in an abandoned house down the road from the log cabin so the smell wouldn't kill us.
We ate it and then sat in the hot tub.
Morning of the 24th we were eating breakfast, grandma was vacuuming and someone knocked on the kitchen window, when we looked it was a santaclause! (we have 13 of them in Iceland) so anyways, two of them stood by our door and brought us oranges. so nice! turns out they were a couple of guys from one of the neighbouring farms, who went between the farms wherever there are kids and give them oranges, someone from the farm that takes care of the cabin told them there are kids here this Christmas. So cute! but they were totally in character and so funny. We were all smiling for the next few hours!
everything went smoothly, the whole day was so good! we got things ready, I got ready in time and we started eating on time and then opening presents was so much fun.
We hung out, watched leatherheads and had fun, after which a freind read me a news article which was highly interesting and I went to bed late....
the end. it was good!!!
Ill post pictures soon!

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