Saturday, December 20, 2008

Only real men grow facial hair!

Listening to the Jonas Brothers inspired this post...its dedicated to hairy men!
Not all facial hair is hot or even cool, lemme there's too much...lemme sum up...

Johnny Depp is a fine example of a non hairy man who looks hot when as hairy as possible!
Good job on the stash too, so hot!
Jake, my stranger friends, looks amazing kissable with the mountain man looking facial hair.
All in favour of the artsy looking facial hair say's what I thought! I didn't hear anyone say I!!
I have a thing for older men, funny guys, facial hair and criminals.....Robert Downey Jr .......check, check, check check....need I say more?

It really doesn't matter what Shiah does with his face or his hair, he is always very attractive...but check out the chest hair...this is a real man! ...except this photo is just a drawing...but he still is...a real man...

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MiriamR said...

I agree with the robert downy jr he was amazing in iron man i never noyiced him before that though