Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bike-Killer

Got home from Denmark (Bolliaden week) late last night and decided not to eat because it was seriously late and I was planning on going to bed within an hour and a half...this morning I woke up late, because I went to bed late, and therefore did not have time to eat...during lunch I had no time to eat either because I had some other pressing matters to tend to, such as posting pictures from Christmas and New Years on Facebook, and staring wide eyed and tired at the pile of dirty clothes covering my floor and most of the furnitures in my rather large room wondering when I would have enough energy to do my laundry...calculating how many days I can postpone washing clothes by checking how many clean pair of panties I have. ...Introducing, the lazy life of Unnur.
Actually, thats not me at all...I am not usually the lazy type, more of a Natzi type, when it comes to cleanlyness anyways, so the pile of dirties on my floor will hopefully no longer be there by midnight and if I know myself as well as I think I do I will have washed most of my clotes, hung them to dry, mopped the appartment, gone grocery shopping, gone for a run after having made a new playlist for my iPod to run with, taken a shower, made dinner, eaten, read my scriptures and finished unpacking and written down goals and dreams for 2009, all by 1am which is when I will be turning my night light off and going to sleep.
Actually, scratch everything I just said, I am probably somewhere inbetween the two extremes...I can easily be either one for a while but I try to ballance it, so as not to seem crazy.
I do however intend to do a lot of stuff after I close up at work in about 10 minutes.
I already went to the garage and got the bike out and carried it up to my appartment, and almost died in the process... first there was the garage door, which is ridiculous! it wont open unless you kick it whilst turning the key. Then there was the fact that I have no idea where the lightswitch is and it was already dark in there so I had to get the bike down in the dark... The bike was hanging upside down from a hook in the ceiling, its not that complicated to get it down usually, but somehow in the dark I managed to almost break my neck, getting it stuck between the seat and one of the steering handles, and then somehow I hit myself in the face with some part of the bike or another which might very well leave a beautiful bruise as a lovely memory of my fight with the bike. I think it was in hibernation and just wanted to kick my butt for getting it out in the beginning of January. But seriously, what are you gonna do when you are starving and its unusally warm for January and you dream of riding you bike at night!
Bolliaden post will be up soon...stay tuned.


Hera said...

Why did you carry the bike to your apartment hehe?

MiriamR said...

Ha ha ha I love that. I fight with my furniture and cars. I don't have a bike to fight with yet.