Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Danmark er den Beste! (or something like that)

so much to write about and so little time. I am in Denmark on vacation and it has been great so far and I fully expect it to keep being wonderful! I came here last Wednesday and went to the temple. I was there for about an hour and a half or two hours, not exactly sure, but the amazing thing is, I was the only one doing the work (I mean, there were priesthood holders and a couple of sisters to accompany me, but I was the only one there to do baptisms) and they gave me a billion names and it was awesome! so I was there for a while. I loved it and could have seriously gone on for forever because I knew that was the only chance this trip that I would get to do baptisms and I wanted to get the most of it! and I did. While I was in the Temple I was thinking about how I felt a bit guilty since all these people were there just because I wanted to go to the temple... and that I felt like I was maybe stealing away from their time or something, but then I realized, they are serving there just as much as I am and so it is just as important to them and also, and perhaps most importantly that it was especially for the people we were doing the work for! I was just so happy to be there. Paul came over after I got home from the Temple, hung out a bit with Kristina and I.... I love Paul!! he is such a cool guy!

Added to my list of things I want in a man:

-loves to go to the Temple

On Thursday I hung out and did random stuff and then got some dinner with Kristina, Adam and Jared. I didn't know Adam and Jared were gonna be there so when I heard about that I had to make time to see them and hang out a bit. So we ate and then I took the last train to Esbjerg to stay at Julies place for a bit (Julie shall from hereonout be called Júlía) Cuz I got there so late we just sat and talked late late and then went to bed, and I slept for forever! and then just hung out watching movies cuz I knew that if I dared leave the house without a guide I would get lost! Then Júlía came home and a couple of her friends came too, we had girls night since it was Friday the 13th, ate ribs, watched a scary movie and Twilight. It was a good night. On Saturday we went to the Zoo in Odense and then to Júlías moms place and had Valentines dinner and watched more movies. At the zoo I had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to draw the animals but I didnt bring my sketch book and pensils or anything. On Sunday we went to Church and then to Julies Dads place and all her siblings came over for dinner, it was lots of fun and I was glad to get to know the two youngest later that night after everyone elsa had left, they are so wonderful and fun to talk to!
Sunday night Júlía and I talked all night about everything! It is so good to have friends like her who totally understand you and you can trust them 100% with anything! Hahah I warned Júlía I was going to write the story about our walk on my blog. We went out for a walk Sunday night and it was pretty foggy and so you couldnt see much, so I took mental notes on our walk of roundabouts, pathways, houses and signs so that we could make our way back home. When we had gone pretty far we decided to head back and Júlía suggested that we take another route home and so we took a right and hoped that the road would take us home. It didnt, instead it took us in a cyrkle back to the road we were on before, I am not sure Júlía realized we were back on the original road, cuz she wanted to take a right again, that is when I stepped in and told her we were going the wrong way and should go to the left. She said no, right. So we went right for a bit until we came to a pace I had taken a mental note of before and I said "enough! I am going back because we should have turned left before" she was still certain we were going the right way, and I asked her why she thought that was the way home and she told me her "inner compas" told her it was the right way! (by this time we were headed back the way I wanted to go, the opposite direction to where Júlía wanted to go) anyways, we got home, my way... and I laughed A LOT!! hahah Júlías inner compas is out or order! such a girl!! :D
Monday I went back to Copenhagen and to FHE with my lovely future sis-in-law Kristine and with my favorite new friend Louise. Today I went to the Zoo by myself and sketched animals all day. I got home an hour and a half ago and I am still a bit cold. It was worth it though. A monkey wanted to see my drawings, I showed them to him. Ohh yeah, that is one thing I realized since I have been here, Danish Animals seem to like me a lot... cats, dogs, horses, and monkeys... ohh and even the Polar bear. How ironic, that the polar bear should like the Icelander. Maybe its because I didn't have a gun. Also, Danish guys like me, and babies like me...if they are around me that is... It is the Unnur effect, as Júlía calls it... it only works if I am there in person.... anyways, Danish guys, babies and animals like me and I like them!


Ashley Stepp said...

It sounds like you are having such a good time! I miss you and the Unnur effect like crazy!

MiriamR said...

ha ha ha. I bet the polar bears liked you only because you didn't have a gun. I think its great of you to show the monkeys your drawings. You make me laugh so much!! I am glad you are having a relaxing and fun time!!!