Monday, February 28, 2011


I have learned from what has happened. Now I am ready to erase the past and welcome normality back! lengi lifi hversdagsleiki og jafnaðargeð!!
So please forget all my ranting on here and what you may or may not have heard from me or someone else. The ranting is over. I am fine. I just want "normal" back!!

I will not be crying in public anymore, so please stop looking at me like I am some sort of a victim... and if I am mad, it has nothing to do with anything you think it has everything to do with! ...So please stop assuming.

In the future you may expect fewer posts because that is what happens when things are fine!
and I am so ready to be just fine!!

The End

p.s. this post is the result of a conversation with my parents after which I felt as though I am no longer the only one trying to fix my own life... and I don't like it.
so here is my message to the whole world... I will be fine SO STOP TRYING TO FIX ME!!!
And just because I tell you how I am feeling, or you notice I am not happy, doesn't mean you have to do anything about it. Just listen, give me a hug and then stop meddling, cuz honestly, it just makes things worse!
My problems are not your problems, I have smiled before and I will smile again. Just try to be patient with me, please.
All I want is for people to just treat me like they used to 6 months ago. please?


MiriamR said...

good job! Love you Unnur

Maliana said...

okay great! so great, i can hardly express the greatness of the post!

you are magnificent!

Unifer said...

I <3 you guys :D