Tuesday, March 8, 2011

floating in the right direction

Everyone seems to be starting relationships, getting married or having babies. I don't know what the heck is going on! I am not one of them, but I am so excited for every one of them :)
and guess what, I am totally happy and excited to be me! isn't that something to laugh about :D
I decided that when I get into a relationship I want to be happy and respected, when I get proposed to I want to be pleasantly surprised, when I get married I want to be in love and be loved. And someday I want to have babies and help them grow up to be respectable, kind and loving people.
Loving, respecting and forgiving others has never been a problem for me. I don't think I want to ever have any of those things be a problem either. I love how much I love people, how willingly I respect them and how easily I forgive them (ohh and did I mention how unbelievably humble I am, I just love that and everything else about myself too! :D ). My parents worry it may cause me more pain in life than I should have to feel. But I also think it helps me bounce back. I don't know, I may be immature.... I'll grow! but I hope I never grow more hard hearted!!
I know what I want, but more importantly I know God wants what is best for me, so what I want may be good, but his plan for me is better! I choose what he wants for me :)
Being happy is nice, I'd recommend it to anyone!


MiriamR said...

Glad you are happy. I like being happy too but I have to work on it all the time :)

Kimberly Gochnour said...

Unnur I think you are the coolest person I know, except for me of course. Do we suffer from high self-esteem or what? (but in the good way, remember at the Ward Prayer House when we sat in Jennie's room and we talked about body image and self-esteem). Those were good times!

sravya said...

your feelings are really awesome.the way you depicted was attracting and i wish you would have a beautiful life further with loads of love n affection