Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So I am totally in love with Tony Robbins, or rather, his mind and the way he makes me so excited about making changes in my life. I have never been very fond of changes until now! I think its because I am not as afraid that the changes are for the worse, in fact I am pretty sure all changes are ultimately for the better, it depends on your mindset!

Thanks Tony Robbins.

So I am setting goals.
One small one, one big one. The thought I had was to have the small one be "never make out with someone who is not my boyfriend or husband"... not that I would ever cheat on my boyfriend or husband, I just don't have a boyfriend or a husband. Still, I don't want to cheat myself! I believe I am worth more than a "one night stand" so my goal is to never make out with someone who is not willing to hold my hand in public and tell his friends and family what I am to him!
But then I thought "never" is sort of an unmeasurable goal... so instead I am now setting this goal every morning, every day of the week!

Today I will not make out with someone who is not my boyfriend.... SUCCESS!!

The big goal is to continue loving myself.
To reach this goal I will work out regularly, because I believe I am happier when I take care of my body, which is a temple.
To reach this goal I will meditate every day, because I believe it will help me stay balanced and happy by controlling my thoughts and limiting negative thoughts.
To reach this goal I will spend time with people who I respect and who respect me, people I trust and who trust me.
To reach this goal I will be totally honest with myself and others, even if it means confronting matters I would much rather ignore, but by resolving these matters and expressing myself honestly I will be able to overcome and grow instead of running away from situations and thereby letting fear and self doubt control my life.

I may add to this list over time... but this is good to begin with.
Every day I hope to be able to look at these goals and say, today I did what I needed to do to reach them!

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