Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what are dreams....

What are dreams without family?
I have dreams. Dreams about helping people through my career, about becoming rich and having my huge white house by the sea. These dreams and so many more that I have mean nothing to me if I reach them alone.
I love my parents and my siblings... they make me want my biggest dream even more!
...I just realized my biggest dream, the dream that if never came true none of the other dreams would be as fulfilling. I have always known it was something I wanted, but I just admitted to myself its what I want the most! and now I am admitting it to everyone else who cares to know.
This dream is the one where I am a wife to wonderful husband who I love and respect and who treats me with love and care, and a mother of children who I want to be there for anytime, anywhere!
I want to be a wife and I want to be a mom, and I think I would be good at it!

Being a big believer in God, in answers to prayers, in the power of the law of attraction... this is me telling God and the whole world what I am hoping dreaming and praying for!

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