Friday, May 6, 2011

The Book of days 4, 5 and 6 in the month of May

Chapter 1
Facebook goes on vacation
Some time ago I decided to deactivate my facebook account, at least for the summer. I finally did it! I didn't expect to feel so lost though! for the past couple of days, since I deactivated FB I have had no desire to blog... I was just missing my FB account. I am feeling better now :) I just think that its not healthy to be so freaking addicted to a website! and I totally admit to being an addict! But on the other hand, I have been able to do other things instead.

Chapter 2
Enter the Piano
I learned to play the piano... no jokes! I finally got around to sitting down by my keyboard I bought a while ago for good money. I never gave it much time because my guitar and facebook came first. This will happen no more! So I memorized some basic chords and played and sang to my hearts content. It was lovely, it is lovely and it will be lovely.

Chapter 3
Love and respect yourself, show it with a song
I watched Glee the other day and realized what my song is! I figured since couples can have a song, individuals should be allowed to have songs. Its a song that reminds me how much I love myself, how I wish the best for me, because I am a unique individual (sounds totally obnoxious and self-absorbed... but I think a little self-respect is very very important to have. If you don't love yourself, then how can you expect anyone else to love you?) My song is Songbird (Eva Cassidy and Fleetwood Mac both performed it, but I am not sure who wrote it.... also, for those who watch Glee and may be wondering about my song choice I want to say I am not lesbian, not that that matters really, I just thought I would randomly add that).

Chapter 4
On the subject of sex, or rather the choice not to have it
I got double rejected this week. Way to go! Never mind rejection by person number 1. It has happened so often it just sort of seems normal by now. In fact, I believe I start getting withdrawal symptoms if number 1 doesn't reject me regularly, so today I called this person up just to get rejected again. So I guess I got triple rejected.... you know I am grossly exaggerating the situation here though. But it just sounds more interesting that way.
Rejection by person number 2 happened earlier this week. A guy I was really interested told me that if I don't believe in sex before marriage then he can't see us going anywhere. Thank you sir. Well, at least he didn't compare me to a car he would never buy if he couldn't test drive it first! Anyways, let me get to the point here. So today I saw a front page news article which was basically about this woman, daughter of a religious leader in Iceland, who was a virgin when she got married and had only had sex with one man in her life. If that gets on the front page then why the heck am I not more famous!?! Not that my sex life is anyones business, but I think its stupid that having high standards and wanting to live a virtuous life is such a big deal! why can't that be normal!?! Sometimes I wish I could have been born before 1900 so that my standards weren't so .... peculiar to people. I can still respect myself even though I have been rejected because of my standards, because I know that by living by those standards I am doing what I believe is right. Otherwise I'd be cheating myself to conform to popular opinion. Actually, now that I think about it, it not so much that I was rejected, it was more that we didn't want the same thing so it didn't go anywhere. And I am pretty sure I know at least 5 guys who share my belief system and there are so many people I don't know yet... so there is hope! I would honestly love to be in a relationship. There, I said it, now I am going to drop it... let whatever happens happen, and smile all the while.

Chapter 5
Bike riding is a joy
Moving on to a more ordinary subject. I got my bike out of the garage and pumped the tires full of air. And of course when I say my bike I mean my moms bike, and when I say I pumped the tires full of air I mean my dad pumped the tires full of air.... I did however ride the bike to my new place of work, without any help from my parents. I am fully capable of taking care of myself. I do enjoy quality time with dad in the garage getting moms bike she offered to lend me into shape.
I love riding that bike! Its probably one of my favorite things to do! especially when its sunny and I can wear a skirt and sunglasses. I love it! also, I love feeling my bum work for its hotness. I apologize for the language. I used to not have a bum, I used to have like a chicken leg, in the sense that you couldn't see where the thigh ended and the bum started... this was due to some extra largeness I was going through. Now I thoroughly enjoy having a bum. It may very well be my favorite part of my body. Ugh... it seems I have a preference for unordinary subjects to blog about... I will stop now.


Nancy said...

Hooray for you and your standards!

More and more the world is forcing the idea -- and even spoon feeding it to men, that they are totally supposed to give in to every desire, find satisfaction in porn, stay away from commitment, etc. It is sad because it is simply not true and undermines and lessens what men are and can be. And, what truly so many still are. I've seen it in my six handsome brothers, I've seen it in my husband, and, growing up in UT, I've been lucky enough to have the "norm" be a far more strong and valiant life for many men. Truly, there are men who are still honorable and amazing in every way out there. LOTS of them. I certainly plan on teaching my sons to treat the girls they date as queens -- to treat them with respect and guard their virtue. It isn't a totally old fashioned lost art. The world is just trying its hardest to make it seem so. Being able to develop a sex life -- learn all we wanted and figure everything we love about it with just my husbadn and I -- and no worries about comparisons or past partners, has been seriously one of the happiest and funnest aspects of my married life. You will be so happily rewarded for holding out some day!

Unifer said...

Nancy, if I could give you a hug right now, I totally would!! ohh and I just read your latest blog post :D I laughed so hard! Something told me you were a member before I even read anything hinting towards it in your blog :) I don't know how, but just through your blog its pretty obvious that you have a special family! an eternal family :D

Nancy said...

It might have been all those eight million kids I have that gave away that I was a member (heehee, just kidding), but I just left you a comment on my blog saying that I have no idea what the chances are of coming across the blog of a member in Iceland. Seriously. How many LDS are even in Iceland?

Unifer said...

hahah this is so funny! You said you found my blog just looking through random blogs right? Well, I am really thankful you found mine and that you posted a comment, your blog is one of my favorites!! and its nice to get confirmation that I am not alone with my standards! There are about 200 members in Iceland, about half are active, and we have two small branches. I am the only active YSA girl, and there are about 7 active YSA men. Turns out though that when you are the "last girl on earth" or in my case "the last YSA girl in Iceland" guys are just scared of you! :D or something... so for now I am just trusting my Patriarchal-B and the promises I have been given :)

Nancy said...

Yes! I was totally bored one day and just started clicking the "next blog" button at the top of my blog. I just quickly skipped past two or three, but then landed on your blog and something about it just made me pause (is it possible for someone to glow on their blog??). ANyway, you just seemed so cool and positive that I thought I'd leave a little comment instead of just thinking my nice thought and not mentioning it. I'm so glad I did. Who knew that I was leaving a comment to the ONLY YSA in an entire country!! That is seriously crazy, unifer! Even living in other states, I've always lived in fairly large wards and stakes and never driven more than 20 minutes to a ward building (and, of course, here in UT, it really isn't much of an exaggeration to say that there is a chapel on every corner. I think there are five with in a mile from me). AND, yes, I do come from a huge family (and my older siblings are old enough to be my parents), but there are more YSA's among just my nieces and nephews than in all of Iceland. Isn't that insane? But, it makes you seem all the more cool, because what amazing things must the Lord have planned for you having you be one among so so many? Plus, think how cool some awesome guy will feel some day being able to tell everyone his wife came from Iceland! Seriously, I've never ever heard of anyone from Iceland, and it does lend you an air of exotic. I am totally going to start speaking with an accent and telling people I come from a foreign country. Anyway, I too am very happy I found your blog!!

lmt said...

you are rad. way to learn piano! once you know it and guitar I feel like you can pretty much play any instrument... you just need a wind one under your belt. (the flute is easy) I love all of your chapters.. you are a strong girl with good valid opinions and standards. that is refreshing. And yes, bikes are the best!

Hera said...

Well done Unnur. Stick to your standards. It is not worth it for you to lower them. It will just make you sad. There are guys out there that feel women are worth the wait.
So many people are messed up and have so much baggage because they have lowered their standards. Keep up the good work.