Tuesday, May 3, 2011

playing PS3 with my mom

Buying a PS3: $400
Buying a PS3 car game: $40
Watching my mom play said PS3 car game: Priceless!

I've been hanging out with my brother and his wife today, and mum came over while my brother was playing Burn Out Paradise. Mom wanted to do something for my brother but his conditions were that she had to first play BOP. So we are now laughing our heads off to her hilarious comments and lack of PS3 skills. I LOVE my mom!!

For instance, after a long time trying to get the car to go straight she drove it so it almost hit a car in oncoming traffic. She managed to slow down to a stop before it hit the other car... and after a moment of silence she said "scared?!?"... I laughed!

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Anonymous said...

~*Giggles*~... love the picture