Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is your update

This day is 40% suck! and 60% lovely.
My mood is a mix of a little bit mad, a little bit peaceful, a little bit excited about the future and a little bit of a lot of other emotions. I realized yesterday that I have been letting some people keep me close enough to reject me over and over again. It's time for me to just be mad. Sometimes when I get mad I feel like I need to change my mood, to make other people feel more comfortable. Well, what if my emotions serve me, help me stay away from what is harmful for me. I am mad right now, but not like 'lose my temper' kind of mad, but like 'my standards and my self worth has been trampled on, and I wont have it anymore' kind of mad. I will get over it, once the feeling has served me and helped me stay away from what makes me feel like that in the first place. So I am ok with it.

I still have an easy time smiling and laughing and having a good time... except for that my cheek is still numb from going to the dentist... and the numbness is leaving, but now my teeth hurt! ugh... this time at the dentist was nothing like the spa! It didn't hurt, until now, and the dentist was super nice as always... but I can't say words that have a P or B in it, I have to pay the bill and I feel like I am always slobbering. MY TEETH HURT!
I wanna blog about my thoughts on self worth, premarital sex, the way very young girls dress these days and so much more... soon... not right now. I am going to go to the mall and spend some money.


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