Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As long as I get to be me

I would like to start by apologizing for the lack of postage on my blog lately. Life has simply been to good to put into words, and I am not complaining. A few weeks/months ago I decided to find myself, to regain control over my own life. I realized I cannot stay happy if I am constantly trying to control everything and everyone around me. I can only control myself. So I got to know who I am and was really happy to see that I actually love myself. Turns out, other people love me too, and they tend to love me more when I am being myself. Isn't life wonderful like that.
There is nothing I can complain about today. The sun is shining, the mood is happy, the future is bright.
Also, every song sounds like a love song to me today... and then every once in a while I will actually listen to the lyrics and think to myself "ohh goodness this song is depressing" but keep being as happy as I can be :)
I wish the rest of the world could feel what I feel today.
It feels sort of a little bit like this:


Maliana said...

unnur i had a dream about you!! iwas really weird but ill just say this: make sure you sing loud! love you!

Unifer said...

hahaha, I just spent most of today singing at the top of my lungs while making potato salad, cleaning and getting ready for Binni's graduation party :D haha so yeah... roger roger!