Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunsets and pink clouds

I feel like my life is an endless summer sunset these days. Calm, beautiful, happy and hopeful. Who could have known life could be like this. This is different from anything I have ever experienced before, and I love it. I used to be so anxious that I wasn't the right person for someone else. But these days, I am completely enjoying being me. I don't know what comes after the sunset that has lasted for over a week now, and I am not worried about it, because I love the night time; The stars and the moon are just as lovely as the sunset. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that I am exactly where I want to be in life right now. I am happy.

I am not in love, just enjoying falling very slowly. I am also fully aware that I might end up flat on the ground all by myself. But falling in slow motion rarely results in great injury and I thoroughly enjoy my own company, so the thought of face-planting all by myself doesn't scare me much at all. And chances are I might get caught by someone on my way down. I like the idea of that end to this lovely story. Either way, I get to enjoy feeling like this now. Feeling so alive. I'd recommend it to anyone!!

Life is such a gift. I hope I never forget that, I hope I never lose hope, I hope I keep being this optimistic about life, I hope I can continue feeling this blessed throughout my life.


Laura said...

I clicked on next blog and I was brought here.
I'm glad, your blog is really beautiful!


Unifer said...

Thank you Laura :D